The Get Real Family CHALLENGE

taught by Amy Anderson
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Amy Anderson
Amy Anderson
Health & Wellness Strategist

About the instructor

As a busy mom myself, I know how tricky it can be to develop and maintain healthy habits to keep my weight in check, stay active and have the energy to keep up with a crazy busy life. I have a husband, two kids (who are also busy with music, sports and friends) and a really cute dog. I've been a Certified Health Coach for three years and have worked with a variety of busy moms with a myriad of different challenges to losing weight and keeping it off. I have learned though experience that the very best way to do this, is to keep in mind that living a healthy life is just as important for the whole family as it is for you. Eating healthy and exercising is not just for weight loss, and having some good self-care practices are super important to keep stress levels down, energy up and staying sane! I'm so excited to share this project with you and your family and be here as you create your own Wholly Healthy Life!

There are so many busy mom's out there who really want to live a healthier lifestyle, lose a little weight and be a good role model for their families!

The trouble is, it's so hard to find the time, know where to begin and especially to do it alone!

Good News!  You don't need a ton of extra time, I can guide you along the way, and you DON'T and shouldn't have to do it alone!

Join this 4 Day Family Challenge to get a little taste of how realistic, manageable and fun getting healthy with the whole family can be! 

Course Contents

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1 Survey
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