The Get Real Family Project

For a Wholly Healthy Life | taught by Amy Anderson
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Amy Anderson
Amy Anderson
Health & Wellness Strategist

About the instructor

As a busy mom myself, I know how tricky it can be to develop and maintain healthy habits to keep my weight in check, stay active and have the energy to keep up with a crazy busy life. I have a husband, two kids (who are also busy with music, sports and friends) and a really cute dog. I've been a Certified Health Coach for three years and have worked with a variety of busy moms with a myriad of different challenges to losing weight and keeping it off. I have learned though experience that the very best way to do this, is to keep in mind that living a healthy life is just as important for the whole family as it is for you. Eating healthy and exercising is not just for weight loss, and having some good self-care practices are super important to keep stress levels down, energy up and staying sane! I'm so excited to share this project with you and your family and be here as you create your own Wholly Healthy Life!

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Why do we need the Get Real Family Project?

Here’s the deal, we spend so much time, energy and effort on trying to find the answer to lasting weight loss and living healthier lives but to no avail. So often we fall for quick fixes and fads or we think we have to go all or nothing and on many occasions, end up on the nothing side of things. Why do we do it? Because we want to feel good, healthier, lighter, more energized, less frazzled, more rested and comfortable in our own skin (or jeans, just saying). The problem is, we tend to think that healthy living is hard, it’s restrictive, and that it takes the fun out of everything. I say, it CAN be just the opposite!

This project will create realistic changes, improving the way you eat, move and take care of yourself in a way that the WHOLE family will benefit from WITHOUT turning your lives upside down with dramatic changes that no one can stick to long term. You can say goodbye to “Mom on a diet”, there will be no more suffering through the trials and tribulations of trying to lose weight and “get healthy” all by yourself!

One of the best things you can do for yourself and your family, is to learn to live a life of balance. To be able to enjoy yourselves and practice healthy behaviors that will make you feel so much better. The amazing thing is, once you get used to taking good care of yourselves, the more you will enjoy that feeling!

What is The Get Real Family Project?

This is an interactive roadmap to healthy family living. Good habits and maintaining a healthy weight is good for EVERYONE. Now is time to start learning how to implement the changes that set you and those you love, up for a long, healthy life ahead. This program works on three important topics related to living the healthy lifestyle you've always wanted for your family. Each week you will chose one Action from each Topic on the checklist, in whatever order you choose. You have a weekly worksheet to keep track of what you're working on so everyone on the same page.

*This program also includes access to a private Facebook group for daily support as well as live group coaching video calls for a full year!

The Topics

Eat- 15 Actions to help you make better choices, become more mindful and create a new appreciation for good food. If we're going to live a healthy life, we have to get real about our food! I firmly believe that what you eat should not just be good for you, but taste great too! It's so important to enjoy ourselves and be healthy.

Move- 15 Actions to add purposeful movement to your life. It's no secret that exercise is an important part of a wholly healthy life. The problem is, every workout or new exercise fad is not for everyone. Let's face it, some people just hate to exercise! Here you'll work on finding activities that you can do as a family (or solo, your choice!) AND that you will actually enjoy. The absolute best workout plan for you is the one you will actually do! You will try out 15 fun and challenging actions, with the goal of finding out what works for you and what you can reasonably fit into your crazy busy life... and have some fun along the way.

Breathe- 15 Actions to remind you and guide you to take that oh so necessary time out! Self-care is all too often pushed aside in order to take care of everyone and everything that is going on from day to day. While these actions along with workbook pages and resources were created with mom as the main focus, they are certainly beneficial for children (of all ages) to practice as well. After all, these days pretty much everyone is overscheduled, kids and parents alike. Teach your children now, that it's ok for mom to have a time out, take a break, have some "me time". They will take that with them when they move on with their own lives, it's a win win!

How is this different?

  • Realistic, go at your own pace actions, appropriate for everyone.
  • Flexibility to fit them in with your family’s preferences.
  • Have a week where the rest of the crew bails out on you? It’s OK! These topics are designed with mom in mind first. You can do this on your own and bring the changes into your family in your own way!
  • Choose which actions you will adopt and continue with for the long term, and which are just fun learning experiences with valuable lessons (I'll put my two cents in on this too!).
  • The focus is on gradual change, a critical approach for long term success.
  • Create a foundation of healthy habits for your family to build on.

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Course Contents

16 Videos
11 Texts
69 PDFs